29.03.2019 Event: Electronic Sports Festival 2019. Information and pictures on the page Events.
28.02.2019 New page: model house (3D project)
25.02.2019 Page Competition Pro improved (better text, new images, 20 Years Anniversary Edition).
07.01.2019 Page Amiga 1200 improved (better text, new images, own section for ESCOM version).
05.01.2019 Social-Media-Icons added and working on the code of the homepage.
04.01.2019 A version of computer collection vienna for mobile devices is currently in development.
26.01.2019 Event: Commodore meeting in Vienna.
22.01.2019 New in collection: Competition Pro USB (25th Anniversary Edition; black/red)
31.12.2018 computer collection vienna wishes a good start into the new year 2019
24.12.2018 computer collection vienna wishes merry christmas!

19.12.2018 New in collection: PlayStation Classic
17.12.2018 New in collection: Sony PS1 and PS one, Sony PS2 Slim, Playstation Eye (PS3 camera), Nintendo Wii
01.12.2018 Event: Retro Börse.

On 1st December, Stefanie Tücking, German radio and TV personality passed away unexpectedly aged 56. In 1989 she worked together with Commodore Germany to release two limited edition A500 designs (tiger/leopard and ball).
30.11.2018 New in collection: Philips TV-Tuner 7300, Farm Simulator (C64 cartridge)
09.11.2018 Event: Open Source Award.
02.11.2018 Event: pLANet one.
22.10.2018 Updated page: Amiga 1000 (packaging added)
21.10.2018 New in collection: Amiga 1000 with packaging and 1081 Monitor.
18.09.2018 New in collection: Commodore Amiga A690 prototype CD-ROM and A1010 packaging.
04.09.2018 New in collection: Commodore 1750 REU (RAM Expansion Unit)
30.08.2018 new page: CCV-Events: book Event.

New in collection: Sinclair ZX Spectrum OMNI.
27.08.2018 New in collection: Amiga Velvet keyboard (prototype).
14.08.2018 Small internal changes and small improvements on various pages.
02.08.2018 The predecessor page of this homepage, SCACOM (Stefan's Commodore Amiga Computer Online Museum) of 2004 as well as the pages of the magazine English SCACOM were finally taken offline. You can now find the most important stuff under Projects/English SCACOM on this page.

There were small improvements on the pages Fun (broken links were removed).
30.07.2018 New guest book.
17.07.2018 New in collection: NES Classic Mini
16.07.2018 New in collection: XBox One, Sega GameGear
11.07.2018 New in collection: CBM 1020, C64, C64G, C16, Plus4, 4x VC20 (1x OVP), CBM 8032, VC cartridge, 1541, 1541C, 1541-II, 1551, 1581
19.06.2018 Updated information on page Commodore P500
23.05.2018 New in collection: Commodore C64, C64G, C128D, 1541/1541C, A1000, A2000, Sharp P7000, Sony PS2 Slim
22.05.2018 New in collection: Commodore PC-1

New translated pages: Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sinclair ZX Spectrum +, Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2,
16.05.2018 Event: "WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018" 16 to 18 May in Austria Center Vienna.

click to enlarge
20.04.2018 New in collection: Atari Flashback 2 and Philips CDI-660
16.04.2018 New in collection: Amiga 500 and Commodore 128D CR (both in packaging, with joysticks)
10.04.2018 New in collection: C64 Mini
08.04.2018 improvements: contact form, search, etc.
24.03.2018 Event: "Electronic Sport Festival"

click to enlarge
12.03.2018 Following pages were updated: Commodore C64 GS.
09.03.2018 New in collection: C16 with 1531, PSU and joystick-Adapter, 2x C64c with SwinSID, Amiga disk drive
23.01.2018 Following pages were updated: About me (text revised, picture of my first C64 added, new pictures of me added), My story (text revised).

New pages/translations: Commodore printer MPS 1270A, mouse 1351, monitor 1081, monitor 1084, monitor 1084 S, monitor 1702, monitor 1802 and monitor 1901.
22.01.2018 Newly translated page: Commodore P500. Updates on the Amiga Information page.
03.01.2018 New in collection: 4x Amiga 500 (1x first version, 1x last version), 1x C128-D, 2x PS1, 1x PS2, 1x XBox, 2x XBox 360, 1x Wii Balance Board.
02.01.2018 New in collection: Amiga 3000-T with expansion cards.
31.12.2017 computer collection vienna wishes a good start into the new year 2018
24.12.2017 computer collection vienna wishes merry christmas!

16.12.2017 Three GameBoy "Play it Loud" repaired (yellow, blue and red)
10.12.2017 New in collection: 2x Sega Saturn (broken, one repaired with VCD card), 2x Sega Saturn games, Nintendo SNES Classic Mini.
18.10.2017 New in collection: Nintendo NES, Nintendo SNES with Region-Lock-Adapter, 2x Sony PS1, 1x Sega Saturn with VCD card, 1x XBox 360 S with HD-DVD-drive, Kinect, two microphones and three controllers, 2x PS3 controller as well as games for Mega Drive, NES and SNES.
13.10.2017 Event today until Sunday: Game City 2017 (Retro Area).
07.10.2017 New in collection: Atari SH204 HDD (from flea market)
29.09.2017 New in collection: Nintendo NES with games, Nintendo 64 "Smoke Grey"
15.09.2017 Event today and tomorrow: Play Austia.
06.09.2017 New in collection: Microsoft XBox 360, 2x PS2, 3x PS1 (1x Japanease SCPH-7000), Nintendo Wii (red).
01.09.2017 New in collection: Commodore P500
24.08.2017 New in collection: XBox 360 S.
23.08.2017 New in collection: Nintendo GameBoy (yellow, play it loud).
22.08.2017 Project page Vampire Workbench

Project page HDMI/VGA Mount
15.08.2017 New in collection: Nintendo Wii Set with 13 games.
28.06.2017 New in collection: Acorn Electron (not tested) and Philips Videopac (odyssey 2) game number 33.
23.06.2017 New in collection: Amiga 3500 Prototyp

Also: Sony PS1, Sony PS2, 4x XBox, XBox 360, XBox Wireless Adapter, PS3 (broken).
17.06.2017 New in collection: Amiga 2000with turbo board, SCSI and graphics card
02.06.2017 New in collection: 5x Sony PS1, Sony PS2, 4x XBox 360, 2x PS3 Slim (broken)
01.06.2017 New in collection: 2x C64 (with mods, 1x in packaging), Philips CDI-450 (OVP), Commodore 1570 and 1571, Nintendo GameCube (purple), Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, 2x Sega Saturn, Sony PS2 Slim
30.05.2017 New in collection: C64 Aldi and C116.
26.05.2017 New in collection: CD32 controller (Original and Competition Pro/Honey Bee)
25.05.2017 Translation of Amiga 3400 prototype added.
14.05.2017 New in collection: Commodore 1541-II (in packaging), Amiga CD32, Amiga 500 Plus.
13.05.2017 Event: Commodore Meeting in Vienna 2017.

New in collection: Commodore 1541.
05.05.2017 New in collection (flea market): Philips G7000 with around 30 games, Philips MSX VG8010 (broken), Nintendo SNES.
24.04.2017 New in collection (swap): First version Amiga 1200
07.04.2017 New in collection (from ex Commodore technician): VC20, 2x C64, 1541(brown), Datassette 1530 and 3rd party (in package), VC-1515 (printer in package), VC-1520 Plotter, Commodore Dustcovers (partly new in package), Commodore Disks and Disk Boxes, VC20 joysticks and Paddles, lot of VC20-Cartridges, books (e.g. KIM1 and 1540 manual, replacement part catalogue of VC20 and C64, Commodore-Lexica, ...)
04.04.2017 New in collection: Furia Turbo card for Amiga 600
30.03.2017 New video on Protoype Amiga 3400 (English):
Amiga 3400 - A4000 prototype - computer collection vienna .
24.03.2017 New in collection: Commodore 1570 and Nintendo 64
20.03.2017 New in collection: Vampire Turbo card for Amiga 600
25.02.2017 New in collection: Commodore 1540, cables and cartridges.
24.02.2017 New in collection: Commodore VC20, C64 and 1541 with SpeedDOS, 1530.
09.02.2017 New in collection: Nintendo Wii (white)
07.02.2017 New in collection: Microsoft XBox (with Mod), 2x Nintendo GameCube (black, in packaging), 2x Sony PS1, 6x Sony PS2 Slim (1x broken), Sony PS2 (silver), 2x Nintendo Wii (black)
31.01.2017 New in collection: C64 US Version (Silver Metal Logo)
26.01.2017 New in collection: VC20 US version (golden Logo)
11.01.2017 New in collection: Commodore 64 Web IT and chips to repair some Plus4.
10.01.2017 New in collection: CBM 4064.
08.01.2017 New English translations available: PET 2001, CBM 610 and CBM 4064 as well as the Commodore tape drives C2N, 1530 and 1531
04.01.2017 New in collection: C232 Prototype. Furthermore two VIC20 (one NTSC), zwei VIC20-boards, C64-Datassettes, two Oceanic OC118 floppies (compatible to Commodore 1541). One VIC-20 worked, zwei were repaired and one is still in the work.
31.12.2016 computer collection vienna wishes a good start into the new year 2017
24.12.2016 computer collection vienna wishes merry christmas!

15.10.2016 New in collection: Amiga 2000
06.11.2016 Today: retro sale event

New in collection: GameBoy Play it loud blau, GameBoy Advance SP NES Edition, PS1-controller (transparent-green)
15.10.2016 Today: Commodore meeting.

New in collection: Atari STE and MB Micro Vision.
07.10.2016 New in collection: Microsoft XBox 360, Nintendo GameCube (black), Sony PS1 and PSone, 7x Sony PS2 Slim (1x Singstar Pop Songs Set), Commodore 64 with 1541 (with Speeder, read/write head borken).
05.10.2016 New in collection: 2x Commodore 64c, 3x 1541-II floppies (1x read/write head borken), MPS-1000 printer, 1351 mouse, PSUs.
24.09.2016 New in collection: Nintendo GameBoy Light (Japan)
23.09.2016 Start of 3-day-event "Game City" with Retro Area by Subotron shop and computer collection vienna in city hall of Vienna!
14.09.2016 New in collection: Canadian plus/4 (+4) and transparent C64c-case.
20.08.2016 New in collection: Amiga 3400 Prototype.
10.08.2016 New in collection: 1081 Monitor
01.08.2016 New in collection: Philips CDI-470, Commodore 1541, PS3 Slim (broken)
12.07.2016 New menu point "Replica Projects". You can find partly complete new pages and projects here: Commodore 1565, Commodore 128D/81, Amiga 1000 Plus, Amiga 3400, CDTV Remote.
06.07.2016 New in collection: Nintendo Game & Watch "Parachute". Thanks!
21.05.2016 Event: Commodore Meeting in Vienna 2016.

New in collection: Sharp X68000 ACE and Sinclair Spectrum Plus.
18.05.2016 New in collection: 3x Nintendo SNES, Nintendo NES, Nintendo 64, Atari Mega ST2, Amiga 500,
14.05.2016 New in collection: Philips G7200.
29.04.2016 New in collection: Philips G7400.
28.03.2016 New in collection (partly broken) Commodore 16, Commodore 64 and 64c, Commodore 128-D (plastic), Micro Professor MPF-II (new in packaging), Atari 1040 STE, 2x Atari 520.
26.03.2016 New in collection (partly broken): 3x Commodore 16,3x Commodore Plus4, Commodore 64, Commodore 1551.
24.03.2016 New in collection (partly broken): Nintendo Wii Developer Unit, Atari Portfolio, Sony PS1, Sony PS2 Slim, Sony PS3 Slim, Microsoft XBox 360 and Nintendo GameBoy Classic and Pocket.
18.03.2016 New in collection: Commodore Gravel in Home and Gravel in Pocket.
02.03.2016 New in collection: Commodore 1541 (brown) Microsoft XBox 360 (black) Sony PS1, PS2 Slim!
24.02.2016 The page Information was slightly improved and got new pictures.
15.07.2015 New translation of Atari 600 XL and Atari 800 XL.
14.07.2015 New page about Atari 400.
12.07.2015 New in collection: Atari 400
17.05.2015 The rare VIC1001 is now listed as a version of the page VIC20.
17.05.2015 Commodore Meeting

New in collection: Commodore VIC1001.
29.04.2015 VC20 (ROM Chip exchanged) and Competititon Pro Extra (missing connector) repaired.
27.04.2015 New in collection: 2x Commodore 1571, 1x Commodore 1541-II, 1x Atari SF314, Competititon Pro, Commodore 1351 mouse, Commodore 1764 REU, Commodore VC20, Commodore C128, 2x Amiga 500, 2x Sega Mega Drive (Model 1 and 2 with games), 3x Sony PS1 SCPH-1002, 1x Pong, 1x Microsoft XBox 360
23.04.2015 See the Plus4 with german ROMs in a CCV video
18.04.2015 The rare German version of the Plus4 is now listed as a version of the page Plus4. The page of C64 was slightly changed. I exchanged one picture for a better one and deleted another one to improve overall view. C64 Drean, listed as Variants under C64 page, were removed. You can now find a C64 Drean page with more information.
11.04.2015 New in collection: AmigaONE 500 (PPC)
23.02.2015 high resolution pics, videos and information on A1000 Developer Prototyp ("VELVET REV03") released!
03.07.2014 Packaging of Commodore Plus4 added.
21.03.2014 CSS-Code updated.
20.03.2014 Updated (C64 and C64c, C16, VC20) and new (C128, C128-D, 1541-II, 1571) Sketchup-3D-Models! 3D Informationen updated.
19.03.2014 Broken links corrected.
16.02.2014 New pictures of Commodore MOS KIM1.
02.09.2013 New in collection: PET 2001. Thats for that. Update on the BASIC page.
01.09.2013 New in collection: C64 and 1541.
02.08.2013 New in collection: A500 with books, disks, HDD, Kickstart switcher, external drives, PC-card and more. Thanks!
13.05.2013 "Projects"-pages updated. Transation of page "Stand" added, an universal stand to display classic computers.
10.04.2013 Update on Project "Edition 30"
08.04.2013 New in collection: C128D, 1901 monitor, 1541, 1581, 1700 RAM, printer as well as cables, books and magazines
03.04.2013 Update on Collection, Computer-Search
09.02.2013 Update on Edition 30
05.02.2013 New in collection: A3000 with packaging, A4000 with packaging and lot of expansion cards.

261 systems in collection, 144 computers and 117 consoles.
23.01.2013 New project "Edition 30".
31.12.2012 computer collection vienna wishes a good start into the new year 2013
28.12.2012 Packaging of the C64G on the C64-Site added.
24.12.2012 computer collection vienna wishes merry christmas!

27.11.2012 New in collection: PS Vita.
30.10.2012 3D-Models will now have a preview as picture and will no longer be interactive embedded with the site. not embedded interactive. This ensures faster load times and considers different configurations of browsers with and without PDF plugin. To see the 3D PDF models, Adobe Reader 8.0 or better is required.
28.10.2012 New, modern logo for computer collection vienna Online-Services. The enhenched logo with the text "online" will be used for additional services like Facebook, YouTube etc. These will be extended soon. The logo retain the proven design and the distinctive wordmark-logo for recognition.

01.10.2012 New in collection: Philips VG-8000 MSX
29.09.2012 One SX64 repaired, now three SX64 in collection. Page collection updated.

237 Systems in collection, 134 Computers and 103 Consoles.
23.09.2012 Better images: Commodore SX-64.
17.09.2012 New in collection: Atari 260 ST
14.09.2012 New in collection: 2x C64c, 1x Atari Mega ST

There is a total of 232 systems in this collection. There are 129 computers and 103 consoles in this collection
10.09.2012 New images of PSU: VC20, C64, C128.
04.09.2012 New picture on site of Commodore Plus4 (power supply).


(more information)
15.08.2012 Direct menu entries P1565 and "In memoriam: Jack Tramiel" removed. The site about "Jack Tramiel" is now available under menu point "History". Collection updated.
16.06.2012 New in collection: Sega MegaDrive 2 with Mega CD2
13.06.2012 New in collection: Atari 1040 STE with SM124 and Atari-Mouse.
10.06.2012 New in collection: CDTV, A600 and 3x A500.
09.06.2012 New in collection: Atari SH204, Amiga Q-Drive 1241 and C64G.
07.06.2012 New in collection: Commodore PC Colt.
25.05.2012 New project: CDTV-Prototype-remote. First pictures of the bottom side and further information about the never released remote.
01.05.2012 New in collection: Nintendo Famicom (Japan)
26.04.2012 New in collection: VC20 with block keyboard. Update on the page of VIC20: Picture of the block keyboard version, improved pictures, modified text.
22.04.2012 New pictures and Videos about P1565 are available!
20.04.2012 First real prototype pf P1565 is ready!
09.04.2012 Yesterday, Commodore-founder Jack Tramiel passed away at age 83. computer collection vienna changes the design for that reason first time since it's launch in 2009. The Design will stay for one week. Also there is a new site "in memoriam: Jack Tramiel".
04.04.2012 Update on Project 1565!
17.03.2012 A2000 Elegance Series

New picture of the Elegance Series background pictures: Amiga 2000. Three different pictures of the detailed 3D Model downloadable at the page 3D background picture.
10.03.2012 New in collection: Atari Jaguar.
05.03.2012 Problems with enlargement of the pictures with Internet Explorer 9 solved.
03.03.2012 New in collection: Commodore VC20.
28.03.2012 New in collection: Sega Master System, Sega Master System 2, Sega Mega Drive 2 with Mega CD 2, Sega Saturn, Sega Game Gear, Sega Nomad, Atari Lynx including games etc.
25.02.2012 computer collection vienna mousepad

18.02.2012 New in collection: C64 "Aldi" and C64 NTSC including packaging.
16.02.2012 New in collection: PS2 Slim. Collection and Computer search updated.
31.01.2012 New picture on the site of VIC20 (older board version). New translated sites available: Max Machine ENG and MOS KIM-1 ENG. Update on contact form.
18.01.2012 Update on C16 (SIGMA C16 from Mexico) and C64 (engarved C64c and Drean C64 from Argentinia) and C128 (better photo of the PCB board). Updated collection and computer search.
16.01.2012 Update on C16 (PSU), C128 (C128 in packaging), C128-D (board) and VC20 (new BASIC-Screenshot).
15.01.2012 Update on page collection, computer-search and History!
31.12.2011 computer collection vienna wishes a good start into the new year 2012!
24.12.2011 computer collection vienna wishes merry christmas!

30.11.2011 New in collection: Philips CDI-210/40.
14.11.2011 3d Info updated. New 3d model of Commodore Max machine!
13.11.2011 New translation of the project P1565 online. Also accessable in menu unter "projects".
02.10.2011 Collection and Search updated.
27.09.2011 List of collection at updated!
26.09.2011 Imprint updated.
18.09.2011 New in collection: 2x Commodore C64c, >Amiga A590 HD, Atari 800 XL (RAM defective, in repair). "Collection" updated.
09.09.2011 CCV Quartett

card game as finished project. First case project started. Also translated pages of "future projects" available.
07.09.2011 CCV Poster

Slightly better pictures on the site of SX-64. New Commodore poster.
05.09.2011 "Projects" new in menu. You can there find the "Poster" with lot of stuff coming later. Imprint with small update.
03.09.2011 New board revisions: Commodore C64 ENG (ASSY 326298 and ASSY 250407)!
31.08.2011 Update in menu behaviour!
30.08.2011 New in collection: Commodore MOS KIM1.
29.08.2011 Second part of the Interview with Michael Tomczyk online!
26.08.2011 Feedback after sending a message with contact form updated.
21.08.2011 Guestbook in new design!
20.08.2011 6500 visitors (DE and ENG version)!
15.08.2011 New: Random genereated picture and Google +1 Button on main page.
14.08.2011 New CSS-Stylesheet and first pages in new design ready.
29.07.2011 Update on page "Projects" as some of my projects are discontinued. Because of that there are new sites available in menu "3D Models": Ultimate Bar and 3D Projects
11.07.2011 New English translation of Workbench ENG, ST Series ENG available.

Language selection with flag:
06.07.2011 New English translation available: C128 ENG, C128-D ENG.
05.07.2011 English homepage currently not available. It will get an design update and will be better integrated in the German part of the homepage. Design-Updates and revised text on: C16 ENG, C116 ENG, Plus4 ENG, C64 ENG, C64 GS ENG, SX64 ENG, VC20 ENG
30.06.2011 New in collection: Atari Mega ST4 with mouse and keyboard, Atari SH 205, Atari SM124, Apple Centris 660AV and Philips Monitor.
29.06.2011 First preview of new design:

28.06.2011 New in collection: Amiga Technologies A1200 Magic Pack.
27.06.2011 Introduction of sales figures and rarity specification for computers and consoles (under table "Specification"). Ssales figures, current prices and the current offer (the fact of how easy or difficult to get such a device) will be used to get the rarity specification. There are the following categories:

very common: very common (value up to about 30 Euro)
common: common (value up to about 100 Euro)
rare: rare (value between 100 to 300 Euros)
very rare: very rare (value more than 300 Euros)
Rarity/Prototype: Rarity/Prototype (very rare and searched item, small batch/Prototype)

The "Specification" table of all the computers and consoles got a design update and the rarity specification.
06.01.2011 Little modification in menu. Site Donation removed.
01.02.2011 3D models with better quality from C64, VC20 and C16.
30.01.2011 Donation page updated.
21.09.2010 New pictures and uptated information on following pages: C64, VC20, C16, Plus4, C116 All pages accessable with computer-translation now! Manual translation will follow. Donation page updated.
20.09.2010 Big update! Some of the not-yet translated pages will link to the google-translated pages now. Update of some pages to CSS and updated menu. Some information-pages about the translated computer paged will be updated soon to make them compatible to the German version (some false pictures now).
09.06.2010 Menu updated to be the same as the German version. New translations will follow soon. Revised "Home" site with "experience the computer history" text. Updated donations page and new pictures of C16!
06.02.2010 Information and 3D models about VIC20 available!
21.01.2010 New 3D models: C16 and C64.
20.01.2010 New in my collection: Atari 520 ST+, SF 354 and SM 124. New translated pages: C16, C116 and Plus4. Menu changed and collection updated.
18.01.2010 I repaired the disk drive of an A500 and also the trackball of CDTV. I also repaired two C64 (PLA and CIA) and also the disk drive of an A500. My Computers at and the site collection got an update. There is a total of 55 systems in this collection!
15.01.2010 New in my collection: A500 boxed, monitor 1084 boxed.
04.01.2010 New version of the Commodore Deck of cards is available!
03.01.2010 New menu is translated. New page "fun" translated! Test launch of the English translation started!
28.12.2009 C64, C64GS and SX-64 are translated!
18.12.2009 First translations of German websites to English!