HOMEVIDEOSE-MAIL computer collection vienna is a competent partner for your event! We provide retro computers and consoles as well as museum pieces for exhibitions and events. With national and international inquiries as well as the realization of big events like Game City, Electronic Sports Festival, Play Austria and WeAreDevelopers World Congress we received positive feedback thanks to the professional handling of both visitors and partners.

Serviced systems and available replacement devices allow us to respond quickly to any problems that may arise, guaranteeing almost 100 percent availability of the classic systems. Also in the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) our systems ran for several months on the occasion of the "Star Wars Identities" exhibition. With competent support in advance and on site (including set up and disassembly according to your specifications), you can concentrate on your event, while we keep the stand clean and are available for questions from visitors.

We take care of you from the planning to the implementation and also offer additional services such as information cards, posters and we also can provide photos for your marketing activities!